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Sarah: Moroi Society

TRUE BLOOD meets INDIANA JONES in this edge of your seat, sexy vampire romance!


As a real vampire, a moroi, I’m not undead like the myths. I have a pulse and body heat. These things make it incredibly difficult for a human to identify us.


But I wasn’t always a vampire…. I was a wife, a mom, and a physician.


On the brink of death, I was cured by becoming a moroi…but things aren’t all peachy. My insatiable thirst has ruined my marriage, taken my children, and plagued me at every turn.


All I have left is my job doing research for the vampire run pharmaceutical company Chronos Corp.


…And they need me now more than ever because someone has created a designer disease that targets vampires.


I’ve lost everything else, I can’t lose the only thing I have left – the moroi community.


So, I’ll travel to the edges of the earth to bring down the despicable scientist who unleashed this pandemic and get the cure….


Because there has to be one, right?


Also, I won’t be alone. Hunky soldier Karsten Ingvar has been assigned to me by my boss. This Viking of a man is not only my bodyguard but claims he can cure my blood lust…. yeah, right. We’ll see!


Along this journey of twists and turns, I’ll have to make some unthinkable choices and do some despicable things…. but that’s okay if it’s all in the name of good. Right?

NOTE: This book was previously published as Scarlet: Shades of Red.

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