Shades of Red Box Set 

The Shades of Red #1, #2 & #3

Experience the struggle of inner beasts, secrets, and the sheer will to protect the ones you truly love! 


Take a bite of these 3 Best-Selling Vampire Books in this box set:


CRIMSON - Secrets, and Lies of a Living Vampire (Book 1)
An isolated mountain estate. A hidden lab. A dark secret that threatens the entire vampire race.
Vampire nanny, Emilie, stumbles across a deadly secret, a hidden lab and undeniable chemistry with the doctor. Her new life on an isolated estate may break the barriers that have kept her alive for over a hundred years.


SCARLET - Taming the Thirst (Book 2)
Sarah’s determined to cure the vampire plague…if she can control her bloodlust. Can sexy soldier Karsten keep her in line?

TRUE BLOOD meets INDIANA JONES in this edge of your seat, sexy vampire romance!


RUBY - Blood is Thicker Than Water (Book 3)
A sexy bounty hunter, a mysterious thumb drive, and a threatening letter.
Caught between a vampire clan leader and a sexy human bounty hunter, Hazel Richards, unfortunately, can't have them both.

*The Shades of Red books are all standalone, however, they're best read in order.

Other books in the Series (not in the box set)



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