Shades of Red

Secrets, and Lies of a Living Vampire

An isolated mountain estate. A hidden lab. A dark secret that threatens the future of the entire vampire race.

When vampire Emilie takes a new nanny job at the remote mountain home of Dr. Owen Bennett, the last thing she expects is to be thrown head-first into a dangerous mystery.


After spending the last hundred years believing she was alone in the world, the undeniable chemistry with handsome and eccentric Owen⎯who she suspects

may also be a vampire⎯promises a future she never thought possible.


But…things at the Bennett house just don’t add up.

Owen’s ex-wife has seemingly vanished, and he refuses to divulge who he works for, while keeping his research under lock and key.


Determined to uncover the truth, Emilie discovers a secret that holds severe repercussions for all her kind.

When dark forces intervene, Emilie is forced to make an unthinkable choice - between newfound love or what she knows to be right.

SCARLET - Taming the Thirst

Indiana Jones meets True Blood.


Sarah’s determined to cure the vampire plague…if she can control her bloodlust. To keep her in line, sexy, soldier Karsten has been assigned to her. He may be just what the doctor ordered...

A rogue scientist is infecting the Moroi of the world with a deadly disease, and one woman is willing to risk it all for the cure. Dr. Sarah Shepard doesn’t let anything get in her way. She’s a renegade virologist who’s on a mission to find a cure. 

RUBY - Blood is Thicker Than Water

Known as a living lie detector, Hazel can read everyone except the man she loves.


Finding herself kicked out of her clan, job, and Manhattan apartment, Hazel teams up with bounty hunter Alexei. Their target is the Butcher, a notorious killer of Vampires.


During the investigation, sparks fly between the two. However, Hazel's clan leader, Aurev, won't escape her mind. She's been close to him for almost 80 years. Surely, she'd know if Aurev wanted more…or would she?

A sexy bounty hunter, a loyal clan leader, a mysterious thumb drive and a threatening letter. Someone's accusing the New York vampire clan of treachery and Hazel has to figure it out before her world comes crashing down!

CARMINE - Blood and Thunder

Are vampires real?


Nurse Sofia’s elderly patient claims they are. After the old woman’s grandson visits from Russia, Sofia and Alexei gravitate to one another, and a romance sparks to life.


But the science-minded nurse struggles to come to terms with their belief in the supernatural.


So, when the old woman makes a miraculous transformation for the better, Sofia must decide if there’s a scientific explanation for the changes or vampires actually exist in the 21st century.


*Bloodthirsty Bastard

All I wanted was to escape the scandal.


The job offer in California was the perfect opportunity to pack up and head West.


A dark, sexy, and mysterious new boss wasn’t in the plan.


And his secrets run deeper than just his business dealings.


When Ethan reveals who and what he truly is, it throws everything I ever thought I knew about the world out the window.




The word alone brings up visions of blood-sucking monsters.


Yet, Ethan is anything but.


Falling for him, with his dashing good looks and honed charm, was almost inevitable.


But we’re from two very different worlds, and the danger in his might just bring an end neither of us saw coming.

*While technically not part of the Shades of Red seriesBloodthirsty Bastard (A Cocky Hero Club book) takes place in the Shades of Red world with characters and places from the Shades of Red World.