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The Shades of Red box-set is now available!

Pick up the box set now on Amazon! Free in Kindle Unlimited!

Experience the struggle of inner beasts, secrets, and the sheer will to protect the ones you love!

Take a bite of this complete trilogy:

CRIMSON - Secrets, and Lies of a Living Vampire

An isolated mountain estate. A hidden lab. A dark secret that threatens the entire vampire race.

When vampire Emilie takes a new nanny job at the remote mountain home of Dr. Owen Bennett,

the last thing she expects is to be thrown head-first into a dangerous mystery.

After spending the last hundred years believing she was alone in the world, the undeniable

chemistry with handsome and eccentric Owen ⎯ who she suspects may also be a vampire ⎯

promises a future she never thought possible.

But…things at the Bennett house just don’t add up.

Owen’s ex-wife has seemingly vanished, he refuses to divulge who he works for, and he keeps his

research under lock and key.

Determined to uncover the truth, Emilie discovers a secret that holds severe repercussions for all her


When dark forces intervene, Emilie is forced to make an unthinkable choice - between newfound

love or what she knows to be right.

SCARLET - Taming the Thirst

Sarah’s determined to cure the vampire plague…if she can control her bloodlust. To keep her in

line, sexy, soldier Karsten has been assigned to her.

He may be just what the doctor ordered...

As a new vampire, Dr. Sarah Shepard's out-of-control bloodlust has ruined her marriage, taken her kids and continues to plague her at every turn.

Karsten Ingvar is an elite Danish soldier who specializes in taming new vampires. When he takes an

assignment to help the prestigious doctor, he can’t help but be fascinated and compelled by her

determination and beauty.

Together, they begin to track down this madman who created the virus, but the more they learn, the more questions they


When Karsten’s centuries-old past steps between him and Sarah, she’s forced to make an

unthinkable choice between her love for the soldier and her old life.

RUBY - Blood is Thicker Than Water

A sexy bounty hunter, a mysterious thumb drive, and a threatening letter.

Hazel Richards has been the attorney for the New York Vampire Clan for decades, so when she finds

herself kicked out, she’s not taking it lying down. After doing some digging, she unearths unsettling

and despicable accusations against her Clan. Could it be true? Could clan leader Aurev have kept

these terrible actions secret?

When Hazel starts investigating, she’s distracted by Russian bounty hunter Alexei. He’s mysterious,

kind, and smart and could take her away from the New York drama...

However, Hazel can’t get clan leader, Aurev, out of her mind.

She’s loved him since he turned her—could he have feelings for her as well, or is he truly


Is Alexei who she really wants, or is he just a backup?

Amidst the love triangle, Hazel has to navigate the deadly mystery that threatens to rock the

foundation of everything she’s ever known as a vampire.

Will she walk away from it all with Alexei, or stay and fight with Aurev.

A sexy bounty hunter, a loyal clan leader, a mysterious thumb drive and a threatening letter.

Someone's accusing the New York vampire clan of treachery and Hazel has to figure it out before her

world comes crashing down!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

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