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What is an ARC?


A few weeks before a book is released, select readers are sent Advance Review Copies (ARCs) in exchange for an honest review.


Reviews help shoppers get an idea of whether a book might be right for them, and can play a huge role in influencing new readers to try the book.

By offering ARCs to readers, an author can guarantee reviews in the first few days of the book’s release, thereby providing genuine reader opinions to shoppers while the book is at its most visible.

How does it work?


My Advance Reader Team is a group of volunteer readers who read and review ARCs of my newest books. Members of the team receive a free copy of a new book before its release date. In exchange, they read the book and post their honest review on and Goodreads before the release date.

ARC reviews should focus on what makes the book enjoyable while avoiding spoilers or plots summaries (since most people reading the review won’t have read the book yet). Talking about things like characters, pacing, and genre elements help new readers decide if the book suits their tastes.

Since I’m counting on ARC reviews to successfully launch my new releases, members of my team are expected to read and review by the release day deadline. However, before each ARC, I check with every member to make sure they can meet the deadline. If not, they can opt-out until my next release.

How do I join?


To apply for my Advance Reader Team, please complete the short form linked below.

Click here for the application form


My Advance Review Team plays an important role in the success of each new book, and I can’t show my appreciation enough. Thanks a million and if you have any questions, shoot me a message!

Blogs & professional reviewers

Please send a brief email to with your information, requested title, and relevant site information. 

ARC status


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We're currently accepting new ARC team members!  Apply here.

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