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Stone and Dust

Court of Stone and Dust
Dragonborn #1

Dragons, fated mates, and war.


After being abducted and held in another world, Lyra finds herself back home. The Dragonborn of Earth have taken her in, catered to her every need, and treat her like royalty... However, their kindness isn't without cost. Lyra knows that she's being manipulated, but by who? The Prince who tried to force a bond with her or her own people?


Meanwhile, in Abraxas, Kastian's facing war with Prilla and Coppelia without his mate. He believes Lyra was taken by the Dragonborn of Earth, while others claim she chose to leave. Then Lyra's people - her possible captors - offer peace and an alliance. Will he refuse and plunge Abraxas into another war or accept and lose his mate forever?

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The Dragon Born Academy Series

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Dragon Born Academy 5 - Final - Full Siz



Dragon Born Academy: Isla

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Isla 2 Final - Full Size 2700x1800px.jpg
Isla 1 Final - Full Size 2700x1800px.jpg
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