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Stone ad dust
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Court of Stone and Dust
Dragonborn #2

In a world of dragons and fated mates, war's shadow grows. 

Lyra, abducted and returned by the Earth's Dragonborn, finds opulence laced with manipulation.


But who controls the strings? The Prince who seeks a bond, or her own people?

Elsewhere in Abraxas, Kastian faces war and Lyra's absence. Did Earth's Dragonborn steal her, or did she choose exile?


Lyra's people propose an alliance, forcing Kastian into a painful choice: accept peace, risking Lyra forever, or embrace war.

Delve into a realm on the brink of chaos, where love and loyalty falter, and nations' fates teeter. Will Lyra decipher her abduction's truth, and can Kastian choose correctly to secure his destined mate's future?

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The Dragon Born Academy Series

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Dragon Born Academy 5 - Final - Full Siz


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Dragonborn 2 - Final 2700x1800px.jpg
Dragonborn 3 - Final 2700x1800px.jpg

Dragon Born Academy: Isla

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