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Hazel: Moroi Society

A sexy bounty hunter, a mysterious thumb drive, and a threatening letter.

I’ve been the attorney for the New York Vampire Clan for decades, so when I find myself kicked out, I’m not taking it lying down!

After doing some digging, I begin to unearth some unsettling accusations against my people. Could it be true? Could clan leader Aurev have kept these terrible actions secret… even from me?

When I start investigating though, I’m distracted by Russian bounty hunter Alexei. He’s mysterious, kind, and smart and could take me away from the New York drama...

However, I can’t get clan leader, Aurev, out of my mind. I’ve loved him since he turned me—could he have feelings for me as well, or is he truly unattainable? 

Is Alexei who I really want, or is he just a backup? 

Amidst the love triangle, I still have to navigate the deadly mystery that threatens to rock the foundation of everything I’ve ever known as a vampire.

Will I walk away from it all with Alexei, or stay and fight with Aurev?

NOTE: This book was previously published as Ruby: Shades of Red.

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