RUBY: Blood is Thicker Than Water (Shades of Red)

A sexy bounty hunter, a mysterious thumb drive, and a threatening letter. 

Hazel Richards has been the attorney for the New York Vampire Clan for decades, so when she finds herself kicked out, she’s not taking it lying down.


After doing some digging, she unearths unsettling and despicable accusations against her Clan.


Could it be true? Could clan leader Aurev have kept these terrible actions secret?

When Hazel starts investigating, she’s distracted by Russian bounty hunter Alexei. He’s mysterious, kind, and smart and could take her away from the New York drama...


However, Hazel can’t get clan leader, Aurev, out of her mind. She’s loved him since he turned her—could he have feelings for her as well, or is he truly unattainable? Is Alexei who she really wants, or is he just a backup? 

Amidst the love triangle, Hazel has to navigate the deadly mystery that threatens to rock the foundation of everything she’s ever known as a vampire.

Will she walk away from it all with Alexei, or stay and fight with Aurev?