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Over Easy

Over Easy 
The Dragon Born Academy #2

A taboo romance.

A destiny revealed.

Secrets uncovered.


The school year continues, and I’m digging more and more into my family history. It’s been shrouded in darkness for too long. But the more I poke into my mother’s shadowed past, the more I wonder if history is repeating itself.

Along my way, I’ve found an unlikely ally in fellow Prime Logan Brooks. And while my partially bonded mate, Ashe, is away serving in the Dragonborn Militia, Logan is here for me. He knows all the right things to do and say… 

As my feelings develop for both, but I know I can’t lead the other on. I thought I was meant to be with Ashe… but maybe I have a choice after all.

I’m solving this Dragonborn puzzle one piece at a time. I just hope that it isn’t tearing me apart as I do.


What readers are saying about Over Easy:


“Feuds and rivals, romance... coded letters, secrets, dragons and so much more... This series is turning out to be absolutely incredible and I for one am NOT surprised!!” 

"This has quickly become my favorite series this year." 

"What an amazing story. The intensity of the connection between Ashe and Sydney is breath taking."

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