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Dragonborn GLOSSARY

For T.L.'s Dragon series: The Dragon Born Academy & Dragonborn


Largest and most powerful Kingdom on Rytys.




A small yellow sour fruit that resembles a cherry tomato and has thorns.



Balaur Academy: 

A private boarding school for the Dragonborn on Earth for students between elementary school and college.



Kingdom in Rytys. Ally of Abraxas.



A person with whom one has an intimate emotional or spiritual bond.




1. The Dragonborn of Earth. 

2. The private security firm run by the Dragonborn of Earth.

3. The military base of the Dragonborn of Earth in Colorado.




An aromatic herb from the poppy family, with round leaves and small purple flowers. Caprifolia has been widely used as a sedative on Rytys.


Choosing Ceremony:

A ritual to bond a dragon to an adult



A form of telepathic mind control used by a High Prime to indoctrinate an individual in the attitudes and beliefs of a group, usually to ensure loyalty.




Kingdom on Rytys. Home of Oracle and High Prime Celine Lambert.




A quick-growing climbing plant with delicate purple flowers, used as a fodder crop and for erosion control on Rytys.



1. Days rest. 

2. An afternoon rest or nap, especially one taken during the hottest hours of the day in Kortrik, Abraxas.


Dragon Gate:

Located on the western side of Kortrik, the dragon gate is the only means for dragons to enter the city.



1. Humans with the ability to either hear dragons' mind speak or bonded to a wyvern or dragon.

2. Not a mundane.



A large serpentine beast with four legs, capable of breathing fire and emotionally bonding to a human.


Dragons types: (Earth definition)

Dragons come in different colors with differing attributes. The main colors and attributes are listed here:

Drake – The most common kind among Dragonborn of Earth. They are blue or green or a combination thereof.

Harrow – Black or yellow or a variation. These dragons usually have spikes down there back and around their head.

Eton – From the darkest of red to full white, these dragons are the most common type of dragon in Abraxas. They usually have spikes, but are not as common as they are on Harrow dragons.




A black powder used to darken the rims of the eyelids and face. Used primarily by Abraxas Warriors, it’s used to help vision in the bright sunlight.


Fire Rock:

A block of flammable material used for igniting dragon’s breath.



A limited or probationary marriage contracted by joining hands and agreeing to live together as man and wife.


Hatching Ceremony:

A ritual to bond a newly hatched dragon to a child


High Prime:

A Prime who has formed a Tetrad bond with another person and two dragons.



Sister planet to Rytys visible during the day. Irisa’s near orbit is celebrated with festivals.



The capital city of the Abraxas Empire on Rytys.



A non-Dragonborn person on Earth and Rytys.



1. A person not from Rytys.

2. A person from Earth.



A connection or gateway between widely separated regions enabling travel through space.



A person who has formed a bond with a dragon (not a wyvern.) Primes can communicate with dragons and wyverns, using their dragon to pull memories or truth from people. The bond also enables them to live longer.



A Kingdom on Rytys. Enemy of Abraxas.



1. Known as the dragon realm to people of Earth.

2. Home of dragons and the Abraxas Empire.



A large mountain city in the Abraxas Empire.



City in Abraxas. Tar pits nearby.


Star touched:

A Prime with Tetrad powers without a bondmate.


Stygian Ritual:

A punishment ritual that when performed breaks the bond between a human and dragon. The human is no longer considered Dragonborn and is excluded from participation within the Dragonborn community.



A quadruple bond between two Primes and their dragons.


The Flats:

A barren desert wasteland between Abraxas and the wilds where dragons live.


The Wilds:

Dragon territory.



A strongly brewed tea similar to coffee.



A squadron of Dragonborn and their dragons comprised of one Prime and twelve wyverns.



A smaller, faster two-legged dragon with a barbed tail that can spit an acid substance.

Dragon Glossary
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