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Dragon Born Academy 5 - Final - Full Siz

Sunny Side Up
The Dragon Born Academy 5

A hidden world, secrets, love, betrayal… and dragons.

Dragon Born Academy 1 - Final - Full Siz

Cracked Open

The Dragon Born Academy 1

Exciting, angsty YA with dragons, a taboo romance and mystery

BloodthirstyChristiansondb copy.jpg

Bloodthirsty Bastard

The Cocky Hero Club

Vampire. The word alone brings up visions of blood-sucking monsters.

Yet, Ethan is anything but.



The Shades of Red 3

A sexy bounty hunter, a mysterious thumb drive, and a threatening letter.

Dragonborn 1.jpg

Court of Flame and Ashes: Dragonborn 1

Royalty, abductions, fated mates, and dragons.

Dragon Born Academy 2 - Final - Full Siz

Over Easy

The Dragon Born Academy 2

A taboo romance.
A destiny revealed.
Secrets uncovered.

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The Shades of Red 1

An isolated mountain estate. A forbidden romance. A dark secret that threatens the entire vampire race.



The Shades of Red 4

(stand-alone novel)

Are vampires real? Nurse Sofia’s elderly patient claims they are.

Dragonborn 4.jpg

Frying Night:

The Dragon Born Academy 4

Abductions, portals, bondmates, and dragons.

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Hard Boiled

The Dragon Born Academy 3

A hidden world, secrets, love, betrayal…

and dragons.



The Shades of Red 2

I wasn’t always a vampire…. I was a wife, a mom, and a physician.


Vermillion: a novella

The Shades of Red

Getting stuck in the French Rivera with a vampire...