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The Dragon Born Academy

Exciting, angsty YA with dragons, a taboo romance and mystery.

Shades of Red

Steamy vampire romance with a hint of mystery and a dash of science.

Cocky Hero Club

A vampire novel in the Cocky Hero Club World of Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

The Dragon Born Academy

“The chemistry, the romance, the anger, the betrayal just wow!... in my top 5 2020 reads!!”

Exciting, angsty YA with dragons, a taboo romance and mystery

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The Shades of Red novels are all stand alone, however, they're best when read in order.

The Shades of Red

“Sexy, unique, and unexpected!"

Steamy vampire romance with a hint of mystery and a dash of science


*Please excuse the disarray, as the Shades of Red covers are being redone.


The Cocky Hero Club

A sexy paranormal twist in the Cocky Hero Club


"I devoured (pun intended!) this book, and honestly, I NEED MORE of these two! T.L. does an amazing job with weaving together a story that keeps you reading from the moment you pick up anything she writes! Really...I need more of Ethan and the Morio! Hell, I need more vamps in general, T.L.! There is something about the feel of this book that leaves you wanting more and more."

- Goodreads Reviewer



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