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The Dragon Born Academy

Exciting, angsty YA with dragons, a taboo romance and mystery

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Coming 2021


The Shades of Red

Steamy vampire romance with a hint of mystery and a dash of science


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All I wanted was to escape the scandal. 

The job offer in California was the perfect opportunity to pack up and head West.

A dark, sexy, and mysterious new boss wasn’t in the plan. And his secrets run deeper than just his business dealings.

When Ethan reveals who and what he truly is, it throws everything I ever thought I knew about the world out the window.


The word alone brings up visions of blood-sucking monsters.

Yet, Ethan is anything but.

Falling for him, with his dashing good looks and honed charm, was almost inevitable.

But we’re from two very different worlds, and the danger in his might just bring an end neither of us saw coming.

Bloodthirsty Bastard - a paranormal story from the Cocky Hero world you know and love.


Come, join this amazing group of authors as you go with them finding out what do they really want for Christmas. These authors have taken the theme and made it their own.


Magic and love combine in T.L.'s short story to make the perfect Christmas gift for a lonely witch.

Evie Harrow is a hardworking college student who runs the family Apothecary business, takes care of her Gran and sister, and does it all without complaining. 

On a cold lonely night before Christmas, she finds herself alone at her rural home during a ferocious storm.

When Evie hears someone outside, she's surprised to find a tall, dark, and sexy stranger on her porch.

She can't kick him out into the cold besides... he needs help, and sparks are flying.



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