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Eteral Ember
Isla 1 Final - Full Size 2700x1800px.jpg

Eternal Ember
Dragon Born Academy: Isla - book 1

Dragons, soulmates, and magic portals.⁠

I'm a dreamer. A believer. A girl who's always lost in the clouds. But I never knew that my dreams were based on memories.⁠

When I'm given a chance to escape my apathetic life with my adoptive family - I take it! Full send, no takebacks but possibly.... regrets?⁠

Will my leap of faith be worth the risk, or have I ruined everything my birth parents set in motion?⁠

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Dragon Born Academy: Isla

Isla 1 Final - Full Size 2700x1800px.jpg
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The Dragon Born Academy Series

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Dragon Born Academy 5 - Final - Full Siz


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