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The Dragon Born Academy

Secret content #1

Authors note:

Even though this deleted scene is from Over Easy, it could have easily been part of Cracked Open. This scene is between Logan and Sydney and explores a bit more of Logan's family and his life. Why did I delete it? It just didn't flow in the chapter I had it in. I thought that eventually I'd add it back in but I never did.

Deleted excerpt of Sydney and Logan

Copyright T.L. Christianson 2020


Logan stood as I neared, setting a book down on the side table next to where he sat.

“I thought you’d recheck the yearbooks. It’s not here. I already checked,” he said.

I frowned and ignored him. Sucking in a deep breath, I searched for the book anyway.

The Drake Prime stood close behind me, and I spun to face him. 

“What?” I snapped.


His golden-green eyes searched my face, but he said nothing. Instead, he took my

hands in his and squeezed them.


“Stop trying to help me! Stop trying to be so nice!” I spat out in a whisper.


He smiled and shook his head. “No.”


“No?” I asked, my voice catching the attention of nearby girls who stared daggers in my direction.


“I know why you’re so angry, but you don’t have to be around me,” he whispered, his mouth pursed. “Come with me…” he pulled me along to a corner nook in the library.


Sliding onto a padded bench, Logan pulled me down with him. I could feel him lower his mental shields and allow me to feel the truth in his words. 

“It’s been… almost six years since my dad left my mom. But he didn’t just leave her—he left Rebecca and me too.” He sighed and stared out at the bookshelves around us. “I know it’s not the same, but I do know what it’s like to feel abandoned. And you don’t deserve that.”


I met his gaze. His usual smiling face was severe and his lips tight with stress.


“I’m sorry,” I whispered.


“Don’t be. My mother should’ve left him years before. She’s a Prime, like you…”


“Isn’t she on the council?” I asked, remembering Logan’s father being with a wyvern.


He shook his head, “That’s the mistress… well, now his new wife. My mom wants nothing to do with the council.”


“Did your parents have…” I trailed off, afraid to ask such a personal question.


“A bond?” He laughed, “No. They never did.”


“I’m sorry,” I breathed.


Shaking his head, he shrugged. “I know you’re angry, and you can be grumpy and angry all you want. I just wanted to let you know that I understand… and I’m not going anywhere. So, there it is. You’re not going to scare me away or push me away. I’m right here.”


He raised his eyebrows and stared at me for several seconds.


“I don’t know what to say,” I told him.


Logan stood and smiled his captain America smile. “You don’t have to say anything… just try to at least let some of your anger go—for your sake. Be happy, don’t let your circumstances dictate who you are.”

I bit my lip, unable to keep a small smile from curving the edges of my mouth a bit. It was hard to be mad or sad when Logan looked at me like this.

“I’ll try,” I said.


“Good,” Logan said, checking his watch. “Lunch is half over, I’ll see you later—after school!”

I watched him disappear into the shelves. 

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