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Yea! Book cover of "Crimson" revealed!!

Okay, so many of you know I'm a newbie author. This will be my first published book. There have been down times, where I've felt disheartened and wondered why I'm doing all this work. Then, there are up times, like today! Today, I got the cover of "Crimson" and I'm thrilled! I'm still working on editing, and integrating the feedback from my beta readers. I don't think any writer likes to edit, but it's kind of part of the package :) I'd like to get everything ready for "Crimson" to come out for pre-order mid-June. I've also got book 2, Scarlett, in the works! Recently, my daughter came up with a mind blowing twist that I'm going to include!! I can't wait for you all to meet Emilie and Owen. Share in their lives and get to know them like I have. I love mystery and I like a little romance sprinkled in too, so hopefully you will also!

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