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I'm going to Penned Con in Saint Louis!

I'll be at Penned Con 2019!! I'm so excited to be participating in the event that I've offering my paperback books 33% off! To get this deal - you must pre-order here ( AND you can ONLY pick them up at the event (Penned Con) in St. Louis. If you can't attend, you can pick up my paperbacks here.

"Penned Con is a three day book convention hosted annually in St. Louis, MO. Each year we bring over one hundred and fifty authors together along with industry professionals and over 1,000 readers!

Each year we host education day workshops, inspiring keynotes, panels and a two day book signing. Along with this we host VIP Parties, the Red Coat PR Lip Sync Battle and round the event off with a themed awards night.

But, the most important part about Penned Con is our charity. Each year we donate one hundred percent of the profits to Action for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) charity based in St. Louis. Since starting the event we have donated over $63,000 to AFA which has helped fifteen families with autistic children with their therapy services."


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