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**CARMINE, Blood and Thunder ** is coming this fall!!

The new Shades of Red stand-alone novel will be released October 25, 2019!! Read on to see what it's about! :)

When Sofia takes a job as an in-home nurse to an ailing old Russian woman, the last thing she's worried about are vampires. However, her patient, Mrs. S, constantly frets, and fears about being turned into one of these horrible creatures. Sofia dismisses these tales until her patient's family comes for a visit from Russia. Weird things begin to happen, and when Sofia questions the family, they claim the stories are true. Amid all this craziness, Sofia and Mrs. S's grandson, Alexei, hesitantly begin to form a connection beyond friendship. Things go on as usual, and Sofia continues to reason away all the strange events…until her sick mother is effected and dead bodies begin to pile up… Is there a reasonable explanation behind these events or has Alexei and his grandmother been honest all along and vampires do exist?

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