SCARLET is only $1.99 for October!

October 14, 2019

✨SCARLET ~ Treat yourself ~  


His gaze made me feel naked, even in the darkness of night. My Viking was straight out of my wildest dreams. Foreign, rugged and painfully handsome, he took my breath away.


When his fingers unthreaded from my hair and around my face, I noticed his pulse jumped.

Chemistry flew between us and maybe a few sparks, but I couldn't go there.


I laughed and ran my fingers under my eyes. This was my boss' perverse sense of humor to dangle a man I couldn’t have in my face.


In my house.


Wherever I went.


But, I needed this damn hunger to end. A day without worrying and staying away from humans seemed impossible.


This sexy stranger was my lifeline, and I couldn’t screw this up.


“Is this my last chance?” I wondered aloud.


My Viking’s mouth curved up at the corner. “No, min lille heks, no. However, when I leave, you will be in control of yourself.”



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SCARLET is only $1.99 for October!

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