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"An absolute MUST read book!" - review of Court of Flame and Ashes

Court of Flame and Ashes advance review copies (ARCs) are out! Here's what readers are saying about it on Goodreads:

"Always left on the edge of my seat wanting more!!!!"
"So splendidly enrapturing and mind-captivating that it's a brilliantly fantastic page-turner the readers won't want to miss!"
"As always T.L. has given us a book that is wonderfully written and extremely captivating. Action packed from the beginning as well as the rest of the book. Never boring nor dull."
"I really am loving how the two series on this world are getting more and more interconnected and the ending as always left me so pumped and looking forward for what's going to happen next!"
"Very creative and so cool! This book literally has something for everyone. Battle scenes and warring cities, dragons and mates, tender heartwarming moments along with secrets galore, and so much more.... An absolute MUST read book!"


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