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Audiobooks for the Dragon Born Academy!

The first four books of Dragon Born Academy are in production and will soon be available!

The audiobooks are being produced by Tantor Media which gave me access to some of the best narrators in the business. For the dual point of view, I've chosen both a female and male narrator to bring the story to life.

The female narrator is Patricia Santomasso. She's an amazing voice actress and I can't wait to hear her! She's narrated books from Michelle Maddow, KL Armstrong & Jada Fisher! Here's her website if you want to take a listen:

Kirby Heyborne is the male narrator. He is amazingly talented! He's narrated books from Steven King, Lyndsey Sands & Orson Scott Card (are you freaking out yet??!) I am. Not only is he a prolific and sought-after narrator, but he's an actor, musician, and comedian! I chose him for his vocal talent and flexibility behind a mic. Here is his website:

As a huge audiobook listener myself, I am SUPER picky, so I couldn't be more pleased with both narrators. Patricia sent me a short sample to double-check pronunciations and when I heard the richness of her voice, I nearly melted!

These audiobooks are going to be amazeballs! I'll share pre-order links when I have them!!

All Dragon Born Academy audiobooks will be available wherever audiobooks are sold, however for now, here are the only links I have :)


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