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☆☆☆ Cracked Open is LIVE ☆☆☆

The door barged inward and then…he filled the frame.

Tall, dark & deadly sexy.

For several seconds I forgot how to breathe.

The stranger’s jet black hair curled slightly onto his forehead, giving him a roguish appearance. Pale blue eyes rimmed with thick black lashes stared into my own.

My heart caught in my throat.

Something passed between us, and I felt frozen in place.

His initial annoyance had been replaced with confusion until a more primal expression settled on his features.

The stranger wore a black military uniform with a white dragon insignia. I wondered if he could be a senior or part of the academy’s ROTC program.

Hello, Private Pantydropper.

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1 Σχόλιο

22 Αυγ 2020

I loved reading this Book.. It was fun to read.. I can't wait to read Book Number 2

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