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Frying Night ARC copies have gone out!

Wonderful reviews are coming in for the advanced review copies of Frying Night!

Here are what early reviewers are saying:

"I was sucked in at page one and I’m still reeling over this book... I can’t put into worlds just how amazing this book was"

- Goodreads Review

"My goodness that ending.... I started reading this early this morning and ended up flying through the whole book"

- Goodreads Review

"Every book is fresh, every twist is new... this series has made me an addict for it."

- Goodreads Review

FRYING NIGHT: The Dragon Born Academy

I thought that my biggest problem was the unfinished bond between me and Ashe… but I was wrong.⁠

We've done the impossible and crossed through a portal into the world of dragons – the same place where my mother's been trapped for the past fifteen years.⁠

With this lavender sky, orange sun, and a freaking planet hanging above us, it's clear that we're no longer on Earth. Our biggest problem is finding our way back… right?⁠


If my mother who was an expert couldn't find a way out of this place, who will we?⁠

Pre-order now--->⁠


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