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Dragonborn 2 is out!

“Oh my, what a wonderful read! Kastian will make you swoon!” – S.B. Book Reviews

"The push and pull and the slow burn chemistry is off the charts!" - Queen Bee Reviews

“As always T.L. has given us a book that is wonderfully written and extremely captivating… An absolute MUST read book!!” – Saucy Bits Travel And Book Vlog

“Spellbinding and fascinating fantasy romance.” – Ana Elena Blog

Jump in to Dragonborn, book 2 – Court of Stone and Dust!

After being abducted and held in another world, Lyra finds herself back home. The Dragonborn of Earth have taken her in, catered to her every need, and treat her like royalty... However, their kindness isn't without cost. Lyra knows that she's being manipulated, but by who? The Prince who tried to force a bond with her or her own people?

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