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🔹Release Countdown🔹1 WEEK (& EXCERPT!)

EXCERPT from HARD BOILED: The Dragon Born Academy 3

It took an enormous amount of strength to resist her. Her lips were swollen and red, her cheeks were flushed pink, and her dark lashes spiked out around her big blue eyes.

She evoked something ancient, primitive, yet divine within me. Emotions that I couldn’t understand, let alone explain.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes at me, a silent laugh leaving her lips.

We were standing there, so close… and she was so delicate and fragile and warm. I wanted to protect her forever, keep her with me forever and never let her out of my sight.

I’m not sure what I saw in her eyes, but it wasn’t resistance; if anything, it was the same thing going through my own mind.

Pulling her hands around my neck, I pressed her to me. I kissed her hair and then her temple… but that wasn’t enough. I smoothed her hair back and cupped her face in my hand.

“Let me kiss you,” I asked, pouring all my emotion into my words.

She licked her lips, her chest heaving against me with anticipation, her eyes darting to my mouth.

“Let me kiss you,” I said again.

But instead of tilting her face up to me, she gazed down at my black officer’s shirt, where her hands rested against my chest, her fingers tracing my name tag.

Her desire for me flowed through our connection, but I wouldn’t take that as an answer.

"I have to go." Without meeting my eyes, she stepped back and pushed against me as if pushing herself away.

I reached out to touch her shoulder, but let my hand fall to my side instead.

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