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*SNEAK PEEK #1* Hard Boiled: Dragon Born Academy

Hard Boiled is equally written from both Sydney and Ashe's point of view! I can't wait to share Ashe's world with you!!

EXCERPT from Hard Boiled: The Dragon Academy 3


My mind zoned in and out of reality as wave after wave crashed over me from the dragons.

I gazed up into the calm blue sky, vaguely aware when a shadow blotted out the sun.

“Don’t touch her!” This was Durand’s voice but I couldn’t understand why he would say that. “No! Corbin! No! Grab him! Hold him down!”

Ashe was near, I felt him. Turning my head, I met his eyes as he was forced down into the pine needles by three other soldiers in black.

“I was just trying to help…” Came the unfamiliar voice.

Durand’s snarl vaguely entered my thoughts, “Did I say to pick him up and bring him to the girl? No. This is a dangerous situation. Look at them. They’re both wrapped up in the mating.”

“Get off of me!” Ashe roared, as he clawed at the dry pine needle covered ground toward me.

“Hold him!” My uncle ordered again.

A wave of bliss washed over me and I moaned shifting in the dirt.

“Ummm…. I feel like we shouldn’t be watching this,” one of the soldiers commented.


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