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"Sunny Side Up" Audiobook: Dive into the Dragon Realm on September 7th!

I have some fiery news to share that I hope will get your heartbeats racing as quickly as a dragon in flight. The whispers were true; the realms have spoken! I'm thrilled to announce that the audiobook for "Sunny Side Up" is set to be released on September 7th, 2023. That's right! In just a few weeks, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the soundscape of our beloved world, revisiting Sydney, Ashe, and the enigmatic Dragonborn in a whole new, auditory dimension.

You might be asking, "Why an audiobook?" Well, ever since "Sunny Side Up" made its way into your hands and hearts, the vision of this story becoming an immersive auditory experience has always been on my mind. It's a chance to dive deeper, to listen closely, and to let the voices, sounds, and emotions wash over you. Imagine soaring with dragons, feeling the tension of a chase, and the deep connection of Sydney and Ashe—all with your eyes closed, headphones on, letting the sounds paint vivid imagery in your mind.

Our talented narrator has poured life into the characters, giving them voices that echo their personalities, making their adventures, trials, and passions even more tangible. I've had a sneak peek (or should I say, listen) and trust me, you're in for an auditory treat!

Mark your calendars for September 7th! Whether you're reliving the tale or experiencing it for the first time through sound, I can't wait for you to embark on this journey. I promise, it's an experience that'll leave you breathless, much like a moonlit flight atop a dragon's back.

Stay tuned for links on where you can purchase or stream the audiobook. Until then, keep your headphones at the ready and your imagination alight. Here's to new adventures and the magic of sound!

Sending dragon-sized love and excitement,

T.L. Christianson


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